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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I seem to be stuck, how do I get past the profile screen where I am asked to enter my birthday?

A: You may be unable to proceed with Profile creation if the Birth Date entered is set after the Nintendo DS current date. We suggest you turn on the Nintendo DS without any game cartridge inserted, and check to ensure the Clock and Calendar is correctly set to the current time, date and year. Please make sure the month entered is between 1 and 12 and that the days entered do not go over 31 or the number of days for that particular month. If unable to change it for some reason, please make sure that the Birth Date entered in the created Profile is before the year that is displayed by the DS.

Q: There only seems to be three games available, and the rest appear to be locked, how do we unlock more games?

A: The Kids Learn series of games was designed so that a player could practice certain games and become better at them before unlocking more games, content and challenges. From the main menu select 'Career Mode' to play through three various mini games each day. Upon completion of the mini games each day, new games will be unlocked that are more challenging along with greater difficulty levels. This is dependant on how well the player completes the previous level.

Q: Characters appear to be talking with their mouths moving, but there is no voice over only text. Is there something wrong with the sound?

A: The character’s lips are moving primarily to simulate speech, however there is no sound that has been recorded. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

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